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Stephen Colbert: iPhone user

"I use an iPhone... and I got it for free motherf***er!" Pretty much says it all.

The man who openly tore down the U.S. President during the White House Correspondents Dinner a few years back, Stephen Colbert, doesn't mess around with a BlackBerry, or any sort of Nokia phones. To put it in Stephen's own words, "I use an iPhone...and I got it for free, motherf***er!"

The guys from CNET's The 404 podcast stopped by The Colbert Report yesterday for a few laughs. During an audience preshow Q&A, they did what any enterprising blogger would do: asked about his cell preference.

Other than the iPhone, Colbert also mentioned that he was working with Apple to get 30 MacBook Air notebooks shipped around the world in manila envelopes, just to see how they fared without any sort of packing. The stunt was moving swimmingly until Apple realized Colbert wasn't joking. Pity Apple doesn't have the sense of humor (or the $60,000 in computers to spare) to see the experiment through.