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Stephen Colbert interviews Smaug from 'The Hobbit'

Colbert's latest guest hails all the way from Middle-earth. Watch the dreaded dragon riff on other dragons, presidents and Hollywood liberalism.

After having his show taken over by President Obama earlier this week, Stephen Colbert is back with another high-profile guest, and this one is possibly his deadliest yet.

On Thursday's episode of "The Colbert Report," Stephen sat down with Smaug the Impenetrable, the deadly dragon from "The Hobbit." We'd jokingly say that Colbert put Smaug in the hot seat, but every seat is the hot seat when you're a fire-breathing dragon from Middle Earth. Smaug the Impenetrable was just as destructive as you'd expect a dragon to be, bursting through the walls of the set and onto the stage to begin the interview.

After endorsing Rand Paul for the 2016 Presidency in an attempt to return to the gold standard, Smaug blames his character being viewed as the villain in "The Hobbit" on typical liberal Hollywood bias, claiming how difficult it is for conservatives to get a good gig in Tinseltown. That's why he and Kelsey Grammar are always up for the same roles, you see.

Colbert was a bit nervous about interviewing Smaug, as the dragon is typically known to devour those who dare to interview him. Smaug tells Colbert not to worry about that, however, as he'd already filled up for the day on the ladies of "The View." So, Colbert will live to fight another day.

You can check out the full, seven-minute interview with Smaug at the top of this post, where you might even learn what Smaug thinks of the dragons from HBO's "Game of Thrones." Hint: he's not too fond of those Khaleesi-whipped lounge lizards.