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Step up your prep

The Stainless-Steel Prep Bowls can make bringing a meal together that much easier.

The Stainless-Steel Prep Bowls Lee Valley & Veritas

Having a set of prep bowls handy can make dinner a lot easier--and the Stainless-Steel Prep Bowls from Lee Vally & Veritas come in a set of eight. Whether you're measuring out ingredients for each step of a recipe, just trying to get chopped vegetables off the cutting board or generally trying to be more organized, these prep bowls are convenient. They hold 5.5 ounces, which is more than enough room for garnishes, spice mixtures or anything else you need to get ready. If you aren't use to working with prep bowls while cooking, you may find that they add a little bit to your prep time, but once you get passed that, you essentially just dump them in--there's no measuring while you're actually cooking. You can also easily use these bowls on the dining room table. Since they're stainless steel, they look attractive and can hold condiments just as easily as anything else.

The Stainless-Steel Prep Bowls are made from food-grade stainless steel with a high-polish finish. Due to that finish, it's best to only hand wash them, since dishwasher detergents can affect the polished finish. They stack easily, only taking up the same space as a water glass in your cupboard. The set of eight Stainless-Steel Prep Bows is available for $11.50.