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Step on these Lego-style slippers with abandon

Check out the softer side of building bricks with slippers that cushion your feet rather than kill them.

Building Brick Slippers
Bricks get a cozy makeover. ThinkGeek

Feet have no greater enemy than the humble Lego brick. The small, plastic building toys have triggered many a swear word and one-footed hop reaction. A truce may finally be called with the Building Brick Slippers, a set of cushy, warm foot pillows shaped like iconic Legos.

The slippers are available in red or blue, so you can match your footwear to your mood, whether you're angry or sad. ThinkGeek's product description doesn't actually mention the word "Lego" anywhere, no doubt due to some licensing issue or another, but every geek knows these are fashioned after the popular toy.

The all-polyester $24.99 slippers come in only one size, maxing out at the capacity to hold a men's size 12. That means kids and people with smaller feet will be swimming.

There are a myriad of potential uses for these slippers. You could buy 50 of them and build your own soft structures. You could use them as protection against the real thing. You could wear them for casual Fridays, especially if you work in a geek-tolerant office environment.

Perhaps best of all, these slippers could be the perfect extra fashion statement for this lady's Lego prosthetic leg.

Building Bricks Slippers
Now, how about a Lego "Star Wars" edition? ThinkGeek