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Step into the illuminated bathroom

Pass me my Mr. Bubble, my rubber ducky and turn the lights down low.

GNR8 (pronounced generate) designers Jan Puylaert and Alexis Oskam have come up with a new twist on the family bathroom--bathtubs and sinks that glow.

the LTT illuminated bathtub
Credit: GNR8

Internal halogen or multi-chromatic LED lights can be programmed to change color or stay on your favorite neon shade. Faucet fixtures are not included.

The self standing, single color polyethylene bathtub sells for $1,399. A multi-color version will set you back $2499. The wall-mounted sink retails for $249. The company said it will sell the bath set to you without the lights, but why wouldn't you want to lie in a pool of green or splash your face in alternating hues of red, yellow, orange, yellow, and pink?