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Steinway plays to a new tune

154-year-old company will try its hand at audio systems

Steinway Lyngdorf

An eon ago, when Sony was at the top of the world, it attempted a strategy to lock up entertainment by owning the source--Hollywood studios, for example--and making all the products that played their movies and records. We all know what happened to that brilliant plan, but Sony's failed history apparently hasn't deterred another company from trying its own version of that studio-to-store strategy: 154-year-old Steinway & Sons.

In this case, the origin isn't the content itself but the instrument that's used to produce it, the legendary Steinway piano. On the other end of the chain is something called the "Model-D," a $150,000 music system to be produced in partnership with the founder of Denmark-based Lyngdorf Audio. Details are non-existent, as are the systems themselves, though they supposedly will include a receiver, speakers and Lyngdorf calibration equipment.

But as Engadget points out, those who are interested in the Model-D (and have the means to seriously consider a purchase), should take note: Only 100 of the products will be made--whatever they are.