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Steampunk your iPad with phonograph speaker

An Instructables project called the iPhonograph adds a powered, Edison-era horn speaker to your iPad.

Hardly portable, but classy: Michael Greensmith's iPhonograph Instructables

Remember kicking back in the 1890s? There was nothing better than relaxing with the latest Sherlock Holmes adventure in The Strand magazine and a Gilbert and Sullivan cylinder on the phonograph.

Now you can relive those glory days with your iPad and this classy steampunk audio system by Michael Greensmith.

We've seen plenty of passive speaker systems for the iPhone, including the organic iBamboo and the funky Horn Bike. The iPhonograph is a powered, steampunk-style audio system for the iPad that Greensmith put together with a little elbow grease and several odd parts from recycling shops.

As detailed on, it includes a reproduction brass horn made in India, an antique cutlery box, potentiometer knobs, a mini stereo amp kit, and a bunch of felt.

With an iPad added to the completed stand and speaker combo, the iPhonograph is easy to operate and seems to sound way too good for its form factor, if the vid below is anything to judge by. Maybe it could use a few pops and scratches.

Greensmith was inspired by Horatius.Steam's passive iPhone speaker with copper plumbing, which resembles another iPhonograph, created by Michael Cumella.

Greensmith's iPhonograph, though, won an award in an Instructables holiday gifts contest. His prize was perfect for the steampunk project: a 16GB iPad 2.

Check out his latest creation, a dual-horn iPhone speaker system.