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Steampunk-style guitars with macabre pasts

You might know Tony Cochran as the cartoonist behind the "Agnes" comic strip, but did you know he also makes steampunk guitars? Take a look.

Tony Cochran Guitars

If you're a fan of old electric guitars, then axes that have been modified to look like they came out of a steampunk fantasy could be right up your alley.

Guitar enthusiast Tony Cochran (who's also the man behind the comic strip "Agnes") is selling a range of instruments that have been meticulously modified to look like steampunk creations. The guitars also come with interesting, and sometimes macabre, stories behind them--some that are linked to famous personalities from the past.

For example, one of Cochran's favorite guitars, the Alumicaster (pictured above), is said to be "clad with Aluminum from the Porsche James Dean died in." That's quite a bold claim. Another guitar, called the A-Bombcaster, is supposed to have been "Found buried with an unidentified body in an Alabama cornfield in 1971." Yikes.

Cochran's guitars on display. Tony Cochran Guitars

If you're interested in intricately detailed guitars that make great conversation pieces--and if these don't get them talking, perhaps you need new friends--Cochran's steampunk-style instruments will set you back about $1,800 on average. You can find out more on the creator's Web site.

(Source: Crave Asia via Born Rich)