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Steam oven offers more than just hot (and dry) air

The Wolf CSO24 Convection Steam Oven expands the capabilities of the home kitchen. With lots of cooking modes to choose from, the steam convection oven makes it easy to prepare a variety of meals.

The Wolf CSO24 Convection Steam Oven offers an inviting entry into new modes of cooking.
The Wolf CSO24 Convection Steam Oven offers an inviting entry into new modes of cooking. Wolf Appliance Inc.

It takes a while to learn the ins and outs of cooking. That goes to for gaining familiarity with the equipment. Yet after a while--and trials and errors--one learns to navigate through any given kitchen with ease. And then just add water and everything changes.

The Wolf CSO24 Convection Steam Oven encourages a new level of cooking, combining wet and dry cooking with evenly distributed heat. Exploring this frontier doesn't require a learning curve; the oven includes fully automatic modes for easy and delicious results. In addition to a couple of different cleaning modes (descale and cleanse), as well as two recipe functions (one of which is customizable), there are several cooking modes: steam, reheat, auto steam bake, convection, convection humid, convection steam, slow roast, keep warm, and "Wolf gourmet," which adjusts time and temperature according to amount of food being prepared. An integrated temperature probe helps to keep track of the progress.

Any kitchen appliance is only as good as what it can produce, and with all those cooking modes, the steam oven doesn't disappoint. In addition to familiar recipes like muffins or cake, the preprogrammed menu also includes more-challenging items such as a recipe for fish in puff pastry as well as one for pears in red wine. And when it comes time to exploring new horizons on your own, the oven provides the ability to store your own recipes--easily brought to life again with the press of a button.

(Via Appliancist)