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Steam in silicone

Simplify your steaming--and blanching and boiling--with the Silicone Steam Pod.

The Silicone Steam Pod Solutions

The Silicone Steam Pod offers a simple way to steam vegetables, boil eggs and handle a few other kitchen tasks. It is essentially a silicone basket that can hold up to a dozen eggs at one time. You simply lower it into a pot to boil the contents. If you'd rather steam your dinner, you can hang the Silicone Steam Pod by its handle over the side of a pot. Not only does the basket make steaming easy, but it makes immersing and draining dishes safer: you don't have to risk dropping a dozen eggs into water, along with the resulting splatters, if they're in the Silicone Steam Pod. Even better, water drains out of the steamer immediately when you lift it out. The basket can also make blanching food easier. You can eliminate fishing around in a pot of water for individual vegetables.

The Silicone Steam Pod is made from food-grade silicone and is heat-safe up to 675 degrees Fahrenheit. The handle and lid snap on; when you're not using the Silicone Steam Pod, it can collapse for easy storage. The flexibility also makes it possible to use the Silicone Steam Pod with a variety of pot sizes. It is also dishwasher-safe.