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Stealing from Vogue?

Planon DocuPen RC800

For the fashion mag hags looking to steal spread ideas from each other, this may be just the thing.

The DocuPen RC800 from Planon, scans in 24-bit color with a resolution ranging from 100 to 400 dpi, as well as in black and white. There have been several highlighter/pen scanners for text, but this one goes a bit further, allowing the user to capture color graphics and images.

Planon says that the DocuPen RC800 can scan a full page, with graphics or photos included, in just 4 seconds. The device, which works with Windows and Mac OSX or higher, is battery operated and does not need to be attached to a computer in order to work.

The pen features several flashing indicators on its barrel for battery power, b&w, color, high resolution and memory. The DocuPen can store up to 100 pages in its memory, and has an expansion slot for microSD memory cards.

But opportunity for fashion espionage, comes at a price. For the DocuPen RC800 you will have to plunk down $300. A "stylish, zippered sheepskin leather case," however, is included with the pen scanner, if that cinches the deal for you.