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Stay clean with a waterproof keyboard

A computer keyboard that can be submersed even while it's plugged in to make it easy for users to clean the surface of dust and bacteria.

The CleanKey keyboard. Devlin Electronics

A friend of mine once spilled coffee on her computer keyboard and then took it to a sink to clean that muck off with soap and water. She ended up having to get a new keyboard. Now I know what I should get her.

Devlin Electronics is offering a new keyboard that you can wash with water without harming the circuit board inside.

The surface of the keyboard is sealed to make cleaning easy. Delvin Electronics

Dubbed "CleanKey," the keyboard is waterproof and fully submersible, even when it's still plugged in. You can also quickly wipe the surface, which is sealed and has no crevices for dust (and bacteria) to hide, as traditional keyboards do.

Devlin Electronics designed the keyboard mostly for health care institutions and schools, where illness can spread through shared computer equipment, such as keyboards and mice. The CleanKey was inspired by numerous studies highlighting the potential health risks of computer keyboards, which are said to be frequently dirtier than the average toilet seat.

Devlin Electronics also designs computer mice that have similar attributes, allowing for quick cleanups and disinfection.

Personally, I just wonder what it's like to type on one of these keyboards. Hygiene aside, once you've put a layer of protection on, things won't feel as real as they are supposed to anymore.

The CleanKey products are only available by order and it's unclear how much they cost.