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This $99 Staub Dutch oven is perfect for all of your bread-baking projects

The showstopper is more than 75% off right now.

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When a piece of cookware this exquisite goes on sale, we are simply obligated to share it with you, even if we'd like to hoard them all for ourselves. Right now the French luxury cookware brand Staub is selling its 4-quart enameled cast iron cocotte for less than $100 -- that's more than 75% off -- but just for a limited time.

A cocotte is essentially a Dutch oven (with a slightly fancier name) and it's one of the most versatile pots you can own. Cast iron retains heat as well as anything and distributes it evenly, so this makes a perfect vessel for slow and low braising or roasting in the oven. It's just the tool you need for any burgeoning bread-baking projects if you're self-isolating due to the coronavirus. The cocotte will also come in handy for a Sunday sauce or simmering stew. The slick enameled coating makes it easy to clean and Staub's quality construction will last for decades, if not longer. 

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The cast iron cocotte is available in four colors at this price: black, white, red and turquoise. Staub also ships it for free in one to two days, so you can kick your quarantine baking into high gear -- fast.