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StashPad sneaks a flask into a fake tablet computer

Smuggle your hooch like a tech geek in a massive flask designed to look like an innocent tablet.

Hide your booze in a tablet-like flask. StashPad

There's a long history of personal booze carriage using disguised flasks. You can hop online and find fake binoculars, ties, flip-flops, chest-worn babies and gaming cartridges that also hold a certain amount of alcohol.

The StashPad on Kickstarter is the latest entry in the hidden-flask genre and it's a whopper, holding 12 ounces of rye, vodka or another favorite spirit.

The StashPad is designed to look like a tablet computer with the screen shut off. It resembles a certain popular tablet from a large company symbolized by a piece of fruit. It might not pass a super-close inspection, but it looks like a slightly chunky regular tablet at a glance. A switch on the top opens and closes the filling port.

The StashPad doesn't just hold a single vice, it also has a hidden compartment for carrying up to four cigarillos. Three disposable paper funnels are included in the package. Early-bird pledges are still available for $15 (about £10, AU$20), with the regular cost coming in at $25 (about £16, AU$34). The StashPad creators will ship to the UK and Australia for the price of additional shipping charges over the standard $5 fee.

The Kickstarter is aiming for a $10,000 funding goal. It launched Thursday and has so far raised over $4,100 with 30 days left to go.

Crowdfunding projects are sometimes fraught with peril when it comes to receiving the product backers expect on time. The StashPad team launched a smaller fake-tech flask product in the form of the iFlask (a smartphone-shaped flask) and says it has already successfully delivered 75,000 of them to booze-sneaking gadget hounds. The StashPad just takes the same concept and makes it bigger.

This is the point at which we remind flask-wielding geeks to drink responsibly. The StashPad holds a tremendous amount of liquor, so you might want to share it with your nerdy friends. But who's to say the contents have to be alcoholic? You can still get the thrill of drinking out of an iPad if you fill it up with Tang.