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Our favorite Stasher reusable silicone bags are 20% off (today only)

Time to stock up on storage.


To celebrate Halloween, Stasher -- the company behind the delightfully colorful reusable silicone storage bags -- is offering 20% off its entire site. Stasher is on a mission to decrease single-use plastics. The company does this by swapping plastic for silicone and lids for pinchable seals, so you'll never have to search for matching lids ever again. (Take that, drawer full of mismatched takeout containers!)  

The storage bags, which come in a handful of sizes and shades of pastels, are microwave, dishwasher, oven and sous vide safe. Their compact, flat design means it's always easy to find space in the fridge to store them. Plus, each bag can be written on (and furthermore erased), so you always know what's inside.

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Keep reading to check out which bags we'll be stocking up on (don't forget to use code SPOOKY20 for your 20 percent off), or see the full list of sale items on Stasher

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This set of four bags -- one snack Stasher, two sandwich Stashers and one half-gallon Stasher -- comes in two colors: aqua and clear. You'll save an extra 5% by buying this bundle, plus an additional 20 percent off today. 


These cheeky sandwich Stashers, decked out with matching oranges, avocados and watermelons, were designed in support of the Keep A Breast Foundation (an organization that provides breast cancer awareness and education). For each bag purchased, 25% of sales are donated to Keep A Breast. 

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Instead of laying flat, this version actually stands up and is a bit wider, which means it's ideal for bulk shoppers, storing cups of ground coffee and marinating meats. Also available on Amazon.   


About the size of a hand, these palmable, mini Stashers are perfect for storing the smallest of portions or taking snacks on the go. Choose from a variety of colors: smoke, rose quartz, amethyst, aqua and clear. Also available on Amazon.  

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Arriving with three sandwich Stashers and two snack Stashers, the Mojave Mix collection is brightened with a blending of purples, yellows and greens. Use one of the sandwich Stashers for transporting a toothbrush, or stuff the snack Stasher with all your extra almonds and cashews. Plus, 1% of all Mojave Collection sales will go directly to the Mojave Desert Land Trust, an organization helping to protect the desert. 

This article was written by Amy Schulman.