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Starz Vongo finally alive and kicking

Starz Vongo finally alive and kicking

We've mentioned Starz Vongo over and over again in any discussion of online movie stores, and finally after its annnouncement back in January, it's out of beta and in its envisioned form.

The Windows-based movie-download store and subscription service is the first to be compatible with the new breed of Portable Media Center devices, and the first device is officially the supersleek Toshiba Gigabeat S. The service looks too good to be true for movie fans: $9.99 per month will get you all-you-can-eat streaming of more than 1,600 movies, including a wide selection of recent major studio titles. You won't be getting new movies as quickly as with Movielink or CinemaNow, but you can still get great films on the cheap. You can also take content with you on your Toshiba PMC (LG, Tatung, and Philips will be shipping PMCs soon) or laptop or even watch it on a TV. Unfortunately, Vongo is not compatible with the first-generation PMC software, which powered devices from Creative, iRiver, and Samsung.

Look out for our full review of this exciting new movie service later this week.