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Starz enters Roku's galaxy of apps

Subscribers can stream Starz original content as well as its extensive movie collection for a $9 monthly fee.

Add one more premium cable service to Roku's continually growing list of apps.

The Starz app, which launched in April, is now available on the company's media streamers, joining Apple TV (the new one, not the old) and Chromecast (via Android and iOS devices). The app gives you access to all of the content available from Starz as well as its sister networks, Starz Encore and Movieplex for a monthly subscription fee of $8.99.

If you subscribe to Starz through your cable provider, however, you may not be able to authenticate service on Roku. Comcast, for example, will not allow you to use the app to view Starz content. Other participating cable, satellite and telephone company partners will allow you to authenticate service directly through Roku's Starz app or on a PC or Mac computer.