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Startup Secret No. 3: Support is product

A great product isn't an end in itself.

"Make sure the support fits the product."

--Josh Weinberg, The Digital Life Consulting Group.

In response to my ceaseless whining about getting a cheap Dell desktop that I have at home repaired, Josh sent me this gem.

I was complaining that Dell was insisting on sending a tech to my house to do the fix, that their scheduling system was inflexible and hard to work with, and that their policies did not mesh with the life of a person who works in an office but whose computer is at home.

Josh adds, "Even if they offered great support, it's not great if it does not fit. This system would work for offices but clearly not residences."

So, today's puzzlers are: Who are your users? Where are they? How do they use your product? And how can you make the experience of using your support as close as possible to using the product itself?

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