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Startup news: Process-one and industrial grade IM(?)

A brief review of an interesting open source startup, Process-one.

Just heard of a new open source startup and thought I'd share it with you. I don't know much about the company, Process-one, but it sounds interesting....

Process-one is a company specializing in high-performance instant messaging solutions. The company has built a reputation for its technology's ability to scale to hundreds of thousands users simultaneously connected on a single cluster. That's the good part. The bad part (in my mind, but then, you know I'm a bit of an open source purist) is that Process-one uses a hybrid model: an open source core with proprietary extensions, plus services.

The model seems to work for the company, whatever I may think. I asked the company how many paid users it has: ~30 million. The company has a range of high-end customers across the world, mainly in Europe and in the United States, but also in Africa.

This seems to me like a perfect opportunity for a 100% open source model. The big customers that Process-one has acquired are unlikely to run its IM system without support, certification, etc. But then, they didn't ask me. :-)