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Start your day with a nice toasted iPhone

Simple Artifact's toaster wakes you up with some freshly grilled iPhone. Yum.

Simple Artifact

Nothing says morning like yummy stuff popping out of a toaster, especially if it's an iPhone screaming at you to wake up.

This concept gadget from Michael Kritzer, a designer at Simple Artifact in Miami, is both a recharging dock and an alarm clock.

The Day Maker can hold two iPhones and has a clock on the front. First you set the alarm on the phone, then push it into the unit, which charges it. The phone will pop out when the alarm sounds, and can be shoved back into the toaster for a snooze.

Unfortunately, the Day Maker is still just a concept, but Kritzer is featuring it on his Habitco partnering and development site. He also plans to list it on Kickstarter.

Kritzer has a number of other offbeat ideas on his site, including a stick that glows when rubbed, and a minimalist urinal bucket.

(Via Yanko Design)