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Start-ups in the city: SFBeta mixer

Web 2.0 startup overload: SpotDJ, Kongregate, SoftSearch, Xcellery, FreePledge, Fliptrack, Wrike, YourStreet, Rightround, Chesspark, Prosper, Facebook.

Webware is a media sponsor of the SFBeta mixer that's on tonight. I'm looking forward to finding some new companies there to cover. Most of the official presenting companies are not new to Webware, so I'm hoping that somewhere in the crowd I'll find the CEO of some tiny, unknown, and very cool start-up. Wish me luck.

The official presenters get demo table space, but there's a changeover halfway through the evening since there are more presenters than tables available. With any luck, there will be a CEO stare-down--or worse!--when the first shift of presenters doesn't want to give up their space to the late-night crew.

Here are the companies we know we'll be seeing tonight. New (to us) ones first:

New to Webware

    • YourStreet: New company. Officially launches April 11. This company is similar to StreetAdvisor (review), in that it aims to collect information about the tenor of local real estate markets, so people can decide if they want to move in to a neighborhood, or so they can determine how to price a property in the neighborhood if they want to sell it. Run by former CNET employees (and friends), with some current CNET staffers freelancing for it, so I can't review it; check it out yourself.
      Chesspark: A site for chess geeks. CNET Networks

    • Chesspark: Chess meets Web 2.0. Play against the site's own bots or mix it up with other members. Rich functionality on the Web site. There's a download, too. The service does not appear to support wagering, so Chess hustlers will have to head elsewhere.

    • SoftSearch: Helps you find business software apps for your particular industry or function.

    • FreePledge: Site that collects affiliate marketing fees from big online retailers on your behalf and gives them to charity. An easy way to do good (reminder: you can also just donate money to your favorite charity directly).

    • Rightround: Site by and for indie musicians and the people who listen to them.

      Previously covered

    • SpotDJ: Cool service that lets you listen to--and record--commentary blurbs between your iTunes music tracks. Webware review.

    • Kongregate: Flash games site. Recently got a big pile of venture money, so should have some new features coming soon. Review; News.

    • Xcellery: Makes Excel spreadsheets collaborative over the Web. A Webware Top Five Under the Radar pick. See also our review.

    • Fliptrack: Makes slideshows with music. Review.

    • Wrike: Project management through e-mail. Review. This company also presented at last week's Stirr event.

    • Prosper: Lets you lend to, or borrow from, other Prosper users. See our previous review.

    • Facebook: Right. Them. Don't know if they have anything new to show us tonight. We'll check.