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Starship Enterprise pizza tool as cool as you'd think

Let me know if you need my shipping address so you can send me one of these badass pizza cutters in the form of the famous NCC-1701 Enterprise ship from "Star Trek: The Original Series."

To seek out new pepperoni and new slices of vegetarian. To boldly go where no utensil has gone before. ThinkGeek

"Bones," Kirk said quietly. "This odd-looking Klingon dish is--too large--for one man to eat. They call it Pi'Zza. We must consume it to prove our honor to the Klingon high council. But how?"

"Dammit, Jim, I'm a doctor, not a chef."

"Captain," Spock interjected. "Perhaps the toy model of the Enterprise that you cut your hand on last week might be of use. Its blade is sharp enough to cut this--what is it?--food?"

"That's it, Spock! Scotty, bring my toy chest," Kirk said into the microphone.

"Aye sir, I'll bring it up. Are we playing D&D again tonight?" Mr. Scott responded.

"No, Mr. Scott, we're going to eat a revolting-looking food--to save our ship--with--our--ship!"

Doctor McCoy spoke up, "Jim, I think we'll need breadsticks, too."

It's a pizza cutter that looks just like the Starship Enterprise, and I want one badly. And, of course, it's from ThinkGeek. It's $25 and available now. Let me know if you need my mailing address.