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StarCraft: Remastered will Zerg rush you mid-2017

The new version of the classic game includes better multiplayer matchmaking and 4K graphics support.

Blizzard has announced a new version of the sci-fi game that defined an era. You can make your own jokes about Vespene Gas, because Star Craft: Remastered is official.

StarCraft: Remastered packages the original 1998 game and the Brood War expansion together in a new HD version. The remastered (hey, it's right there in the title!) version of the classic strategy game will bring in updated graphics and audio.

It will also bundle in support for 4K resolution and online matchmaking, 13 languages and new illustrations to enhance the game's campaign mode. StarCraft: Remastered is due out in mid-2017. It's been a busy period for fans of classic Blizzard games, with the recent Diablo 20th anniversary and Blizzard's 25th birthday.

If you can't wait that long, Blizzard is today updating StarCraft: Brood War to version 1.18 to add bug fixes, custom keybindings, anti-cheating measures and compatibility with the latest versions of Windows. Once the update is live, StarCraft Anthology will be free to download and play.