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StarCraft Remastered is now available

No additional pylons required.

Press F5 to remove your rose-tinted glasses.

GIF by Sean Hollister/CNET

StarCraft needs no introduction. 

StarCraft Remastered, on the other hand... it's a brand-new version of the cult-classic PC strategy game with 4K-resolution graphics, remastered sound, cloud save games, online matchmaking and 100% multiplayer compatibility with the original. You can press a button (F5) at any time to switch between new and old graphics on the fly, which is very, very cool.

And it's available, today, right now, for US $15 (roughly £12 or AU$20 converted), at Blizzard's website

If you want to follow along, Blizzard is celebrating the launch with a livestream on Twitch right here, too.