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StarCraft: Remastered arrives August 14 for $15

Ready to roll out.

StarCraft, the legendary strategy game, was recently made totally free to play in its mostly original form. 

But if you want to experience StarCraft in all its glory on a modern PC (or Mac), you'll want to consider StarCraft: Remastered. 

Blizzard has just announced that the new version -- with enhanced, widescreen 4K-resolution graphics, online matchmaking, leaderboards, cloud saves, remastered sound and multiplayer compatibility with the original game -- will arrive August 14 for US $15 (roughly £12 or AU$20 converted). 

Here's the press release

For more, Ars Technica has a neat behind-the-scenes piece about how the game was revived.  

Are you ready to give your life for Aiur once more?

First published June 30, 6:30 p.m. P.T.

Update, 8:54 p.m.: Adds Ars Technica link.