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Starck lives up to his name

Fossil watches offer style and frustration

O-ring Digi watch
O-ring Digi watch Fossil

If you think today's kids have trouble reading analog watch faces, try getting them to read these modern versions noticed by Book of Joe.

Wrappd Analog watch
Wrappd Analog watch Fossil

Designed by Philip Starck for Fossil, the "O-ring Digi" for $110 and the "Wrappd Analog" (yes the "e" is purposely excluded) for $125 have little reference to the traditional watch face.

The O-ring Digital fills up a circular ring in proportion to the time that has passed.

The dots on the Wrapped Analog chase each other around...clockwise, of course.

While these stark Starck watches might look cool, you'll probably still resort to checking your cell for the time when in a hurry.