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Starbucks serves up CD burning

The coffee shop giant is expanding its digital music service to stores in Seattle and Austin.

Starbucks is expanding its digital music service to coffee shops in Seattle and Austin, Texas, this month.

The service, called the Hear Media music bar, will be available at 15 Starbucks stores in Seattle starting Monday. It will debut in another 30 coffee shops in Austin on Oct. 25, the company said Thursday. The coffee shop giant opened its first store with the service in March in Santa Monica, Calif.

The service is designed to let customers burn custom music compilations onto a CD, selecting songs from Hear Music's digital library of about 150,000 songs. Consumers can browse the catalog with a stylus pen on a touch screen and listen to songs and albums before purchasing. The first seven songs cost $8.99. Each additional song costs 99 cents.

Starbucks acquired digital music maker Hear Music in 1999.

As expected, customers will use equipment from Hewlett-Packard, such as Tablet PCs, to access the service.

"Our collective goal was to simplify how Starbucks customers can discover, access and enjoy music," said Gary Elliott, vice president of brand marketing at HP.

Both HP and Starbucks have turned to digital music in varying degrees as a way to complement their traditional businesses. Starbucks and Wi-Fi partner T-Mobile USA offer . And HP, which has been making a broad expansion into consumer electronics, has teamed up with Apple Computer to resell iPod portable digital audio players.