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'Star Wars' versus 'Star Trek' technology: Let's settle this

My starship can beat up your starship. Dive into the eternal "Star Wars" versus "Star Trek" debate with an infographic that determines which one can claim technological superiority.

Personal weapons comparison
Would you rather have a lightsaber or a phaser?

Though I love them both, this is where I confess to being more of a "Star Trek" fan than a "Star Wars" fan. Unfortunately, I'm pretty much outgunned when it comes to technological superiority.

An infographic from the strange source tries to settle the great "Star Wars" versus "Star Trek" debate with a head-to-head battle between the two universes' weapons, vehicles, and starships.

This is as close as we'll get to having Captain Picard duke it out in a fistfight with Luke Skywalker (something I would pay big money to watch).

There's a definite "Star Wars" slant to the infographic. Pitting lightsabers, blasters, and The Force against phasers, photon grenades, and the Vulcan neck pinch just seems a little unfair. I would like to see Spock try to neck-pinch Yoda, though.

The "Weapons of Mass Destruction" category sets the Death Star Beam against a Borg Tactical Cube. Looks like the Borg better start running. The beam packs a 20 billion trillion megaton wallop that would make any Borg vessel think twice about tangling with it. Click through for the full infographic.

I would like to see another infographic that plays a bit more to the strengths of "Star Trek." How about one with comparisons like "Aliens Kissed," "Space Fashion," and "Time Travel Exploits?" I'm thinking Captain Kirk would tip the scales on those.

(Via Geeks are Sexy)