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Star Wars vs. Star Trek debate ends in knife fight

An Oklahoma man has been arrested for assault following an argument over which "Star" franchise is better.


Star Wars is better though.

20th Century Fox

Star Wars versus Star Trek. Arguments on both sides are strong -- and go back 40 years -- but they don't usually devolve into real-world violence.

But for Jerome Dewayne Whyte, 23, of Oklahoma, a heated debate about which of the two sci-fi universes was better ended in a fight which led to his arrest last week.

Police say that following an argument Whye followed an unnamed man to his room and pushed him to the ground. After a tussle, Whyte then allegedly began choking the victim who tried to defend himself with a pocket knife. Police say Whyte reached for the knife but ended up cutting himself, and then left.

Whyte was charged with "assault and battery, possession of marijuana and outstanding Oklahoma County warrants," according to Fox 25 News.

The Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office told CNET that Whyte is in custody on a $4,000 bond. It did not reveal which side Whyte is on.