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'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' imagined as an '80s movie trailer

See what the "The Last Jedi" trailer would look like if it debuted in 1983, when "Return of the Jedi" arrived.

While we wait for December to see "Star Wars: The Last Jedi," a new video from Screencrush goes backward in time to imagine what the film would look like if it came out in the '80s instead.

In the vid, "The Last Jedi" gets a retro trailer in the style of "Return of the Jedi" from 1983.

The VHS-era trailer is recut to include video glitches, static and even a Salacious Crumb cameo.

The trailer parody also uses the same style fonts and music cues from the original "Return of the Jedi" trailer.

Hard-core Star Wars fans might also notice that the voiceover at the beginning of the trailer mimics the voiceover from the "Return of the Jedi" trailer as it says, "Return for the climatic clash between the forces of good and evil. Return to a galaxy far, far away."

"The Last Jedi" hits theaters worldwide on Dec. 15.