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'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' fights, creatures and effects get shown off

The behind-the-scenes footage includes a touching look at the late Carrie Fisher on set.

In five months, "The Last Jedi" will open in theaters, and on Saturday, fans at the D23 Disney fan-club event got a sneak peek at some behind-the-scenes footage.

"Even though I think I know it all, they throw things at me storyline-wise I never even have imagined," actor Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker) says in the video.

The nearly-three-minute video is a treasure trove for devoted fans, as it features ships, explosions, new creatures, green-screen special effects, lightsaber-combat practice and candid moments of the actors and crew. Fans will especially appreciate numerous shots of late star Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia) who died in December at age 60.

"(Director) Rian (Johnson) needs to work on his Wookiee sounds," teases John Boyega (Finn), as the director attempts a version of Chewbacca's famous growl that sounds more like Muppet Fozzie Bear. And stay tuned for the Admiral Ackbar joke at the very end.

In addition to the video, Johnson and cast members spoke on a panel -- and Boyega dropped one possible plot spoiler, according to The Hollywood Reporter. "Finn is about to have a fight with a formidable opponent," Boyega said, while staring at Gwendoline Christie (who plays Captain Phasma). 

"The Last Jedi" opens Dec. 15.