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Star Wars: the Aussie edition

"That's no moon! This is a knife!"

Ned Kelly Stormtroopers with Lightboomerangs? Bloody oath.
(Screenshot by Michelle Starr/CNET Australia)

"That's no moon! This is a knife!"

That line doesn't actually make an appearance in Star Wars Downunder, but there's plenty else to love. The 30-minute film, created by Brisbane-based film-maker and special effects artist Michael Cox, is chockers with Aussie style.

Cox set about asking what would happen if you crossed Star Wars with an Aussie beer ad and came up with the thrilling tale of Merve Bushwacker, who, returning home from a long absence, discovers that Darth Drongo has nicked off with all the beer.

Shot on location across south-east Queensland, including a gravel quarry in Ipswich, the beaches of North Stradbroke Island, a Mutdapilly cattle farm, bushland at Wulkuraka and a creek bed at Bulimba Creek, the production actually took place in 2003 as part of The Official Star Wars Fan Film Awards, after which it was shelved for years — until post-production was resumed under the weight of guilty consciences.

"On completion of the film 10 years later, it was disappointing to discover that the competition no longer existed," Cox wrote on the film's official web page. "However, the internet is now a vastly different place to when we first started, and the audience that can now be reached far exceeds what would have been possible back then."

Cox and his team do hope to tour screenings of the film after showing it in Brisbane for various charity screenings and film festivals — but in the meantime, it's finally available for punters at home to have a squiz on YouTube. We fully recommend watching it with subtitles turned on.