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23 signs you're a Star Wars superfan

Is May the 4th the most important day of the year? Do you know Wicket's full name and have eBay alerts set up for Kyber crystals? Yeah, you live for Star Wars.

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1. You "open" automatic doors using the Force.

2. Your Wi-Fi network's called "Secret Rebel Base."

3. You've dissected the Han/Greedo scene into bullet trajectories and conjectures even a JFK conspiracy theorist would be jealous of.

4. You hate the Yuuzhan Vong.


The less said about these guys the better.

William O'Connor/The New Essential Guide to Alien Species

5. You have an eBay alert set up for Kyber crystals.

6. When something bad happens, your default reaction is to shout "NOOOOOOOOOO!"

7. Every time you pick up ANYTHING that's remotely long, it's a lightsaber and you make appropriate noises for it.

8. You know Wicket's full name.

9. You have a Star Wars quote ready for every situation.

10. You've played Star Wars: Masters of Teräs Käsi. You poor soul.

11. You always let the most Wookiee-like person win.

12. If someone says "I love you"...

13. You have VERY strong opinions about who the best robot in the Star Wars canon is. (P.S. It's K-2SO.)

14. You're still waiting for Kyle Katarn to return to the canon ... same with Dash Rendar and Mara Jade.

15. Your favorite member of the Jedi council is neither Yoda nor Mace Windu.

16. You've watched "Hidden Fortress" to identify the similarities.

17. You invited George Lucas to your wedding.

18. You've chosen a side between "Lapti Nek" and "Jedi Rocks."

19. You've had your picture taken with an actor whose name isn't even in the credits.

20. You were shipping Star Wars characters before Tumblr even heard of Chirrut and Baze.


This is just the beginning.

21. You can tell the difference between the Special Editions and the DVD release.

22. You speak fluent Yoda.

23. No matter when your birthday is, your friends and family know your most important day of the year is May the 4th.

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