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Star Wars and Star Trek unite in 'Trek Wars' trailer

A fan-made "Trek Wars" trailer creates an alternate universe where Star Wars and Star Trek coexist in harmony.

No matter whether you're a Star Trek fan or a Star Wars fan, I think we can all agree that someone needs to stop Darth Vader from destroying Earth. 

YouTube user CaptainJZH built a bridge between the sci-fi fandoms with the release of a "Trek Wars" trailer on Sunday showing how the two universes could come together as one. 

The trailer wisely uses music from both franchises and sets up a central conflict involving Darth Vader's Death Star heading toward Earth on a deadly mission of destruction. From there, the crew of the movie-era, Captain Kirk-led USS Enterprise joins together with Han Solo, the Millennium Falcon and the Rebel Alliance to stop this dastardly deed.

The best moment comes at the end when Kirk and company confront Darth Vader in person and the Sith challenges the captain's Jedi cred. 

The video is a heart-warming viewing experience for those of us who stand with one foot in each fandom. This is the stuff sci-fi dreams are made of.