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Star Wars or Star Trek? Let us help you choose a side

Han Solo and the Jedi take on Captain Kirk and the Federation in a sci-fi clash of titans to once again try to settle the long-running debate over which franchise reigns supreme.

An epic battle continues to rage in the universe. It's not the eternal struggle between good and evil. It's not about light and dark. It's phasers versus lightsabers. Borg verus Sith Lords. The crew of the Enterprise versus the Jedi. It's the Beatles versus The Rolling Stones of sci-fi.

Is there any greater, longer-running question in nerdom than "Are you a Star Wars fan or a Star Trek fan?" Even if you declare your love for both, you probably lean more toward one than the other. CNET has called on the powers of the geek side (aka a couple of sci-fi superfans from our parent company CBS) to build compelling arguments for the superiority of each series, and they share them in the photo galleries below. Now it's up to you to choose your own space adventure.

Famous astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson already weighed in on the debate with a vehement opinion: "I never got into Star Wars," he admitted in an interview with Business Insider. "They made no attempt to portray real physics. At all." Star Trek successfully peeked into the future with its visions of communicators, tricorders, tablet computers and virtual reality. Meanwhile, we're still waiting for the ability to move objects with the magic force of our Jedi minds.

However, Star Wars, say our friends from CBS, may edge its rival based on better franchise-related video games, that super-cool Han Solo guy, Disney rides and a significant leg up in terms of the amount, variety and creativity of available tie-in merchandise. We all know which one J.J. Abrams picked when it came time to choose between the sci-fi juggernauts.

Ultimately, of course, this is not a "The Highlander" sort of situation where there can be only one. It's OK to love them both. You can talk the Jedi talk when you're with your Star Wars buddies and embrace Vulcan culture with your Star Trek friends. Besides, Star Trek's weird unicorn dog pretty much cancels out the whole Ewok thing.

Maybe we should call a truce. No? OK, fine. I'll meet you at the cantina. Bring your lightsaber. I'll bring my phaser. We'll settle this once and for all. And be sure to watch CNET's own Rich Trenholm and Luke Westaway debate Star Wars vs. Star Trek below. That might help you decide which franchise you think wins the battle.

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