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'Star Wars' My Little Pony: May the foal be with you

"Star Wars" and "My Little Pony" come together at last in a collection of handcrafted figures that give the stars of the "Star Wars" universe four hooves.

Storm Trooper My Little Pony
This Little Pony went to intergalactic war. Roogna

Most My Little Ponies just stand around and look pretty. Some special ponies pick up lightsabers, hop into spacecraft, and save the universe through epic adventures. Those ponies can be found in Etsy seller Roogna's store.

Slave Leia My Little Pony
Slave Leia gets the pony treatment. (Click to enlarge.) Roogna

Roogna makes highly customized My Little Pony figures. There are lots of pretty, pretty princess-style ponies, but the ones that really draw the geek eye are the "Star Wars" horses.

The "Star Wars" ponies start at $90, but can go as high at $155 for more complicated builds like the My Little Pony Slave Leia.

Other characters in the collection include Yoda, Chewbacca, and an AT-AT. You can even get your Billy Dee Williams on with a hand-painted Lando My Little Pony.

I don't doubt there is some overlap between the "Star Wars" fan community and Bronies. The two universes have a lot in common. I think they would both agree friendship is magic. And so are lightsabers.

Chewbacca My Little Pony
My Little Wookiee. Roogna

(Via Nerd Approved)