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Star Wars meets Arrested Development, and Ron Howard narrates

Han Solo knew what he was doing. Narrator: He didn't. But thankfully Ron Howard did, and now we have this galactically goofy video.

Arrested Development met Star Wars on Wednesday, and it was a galactically goofy good time. 

In a three-minute video from The Star Wars Show, Ron Howard, Arrested Development's omniscient narrator, explains the plot of 1977's Star Wars: A New Hope in that same pointed way that's produced so many classic memes.

There are plenty of Arrested Development throwbacks for fans who still miss that classic early-2000s sitcom, and Howard slyly pokes fun at the continuity errors of the Star Wars series. (Obi-Wan never owned R2-D2? He and Luke's father were good friends? Well...)

It's stellar how well the acerbic comedy of Arrested Development fits over Star Wars. Princess Leia doesn't know anything about the stolen Death Star plans. ("She actually did," Howard notes dryly.) Hints at Luke crushing on don't-yet-know-we're-twins Leia are illustrated with Pete Rose diving into third base, a la George Michael and his incestuous crush on Maeby. And the "It ... wasn't a moon" line is still hilarious for being inevitable.

And naturally, Howard gets in a plug for his own little Star Wars project, Solo: A Star Wars Story, opening in May.

A teaser at the end hints at Howard narrating additional Star Wars movies, to which we say, please! There's always money in this banana stand.