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Star Wars Rebel Alliance symbol on an insect? Bee-lieve it

A wild-looking bee wears a Star Wars Rebel Alliance symbol on its back, but you might not want to welcome it into your Jedi hive.

Humans aren't the only animals that can cosplay. Mother Nature endowed an unusual bee with one of the most famous symbols in all of sci-fi: the Star Wars Rebel Alliance logo. 

Joseph Wilson, co-writer of The Bees in Your Backyard field guide, is celebrating May the 4th, Star Wars Day, with a photo of Triepeolus remigatus, a cuckoo bee with a distinctive marking that makes it look like it should be battling the Imperial forces alongside a bunch of Jedi and rebels.  

But this particular bee has a dark side. Wilson said it "sneaks into the nests of squash bees and hides its egg. When its baby hatches, it kills the baby squash bee and eats the pollen that was left for the squash bee." That sounds a lot more Sith than Jedi.

Wilson collected the bee in Arizona a few years ago. He says most cuckoo bees have a smiley-face pattern on their backs, but he immediately noticed this bee's resemblance to the Rebel Alliance logo.

Now all we need is a more fitting name for this flying insect. How about Princess Beeia?