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You can own Luke Skywalker's lightsaber (for a price)

A lightsaber prop from "Return of the Jedi" goes up for auction this month, and it's expected to bring big bucks.

Get a grip on a classic lightsaber.


If you ever need to fight your way out of a Sarlacc pit execution, then you're going to need a lightsaber. You're in luck. Auction house Bonhams, in partnership with Turner Classic Movies, is putting a Luke Skywalker lightsaber from "Return of the Jedi" up for sale on Nov. 21 as part of a large collection of entertainment memorabilia. 

The lightsaber played a key role in the scene where Luke, Han Solo and Chewbacca escape the toothy grasp of the alien beast inside the Sarlacc pit. R2-D2 has Luke's weapon hidden inside his droid body and shoots it out for Luke to grab to aid in the daring fight for freedom. 

The lightsaber in the auction was used for a close-up showing it in R2-D2's body. The prop is crafted from metal, brass and rubber. 

Bonhams expects the lightsaber to bring up to $250,000 (£190,000, AU$325,000). A different prop Skywalker lightsaber from "A New Hope" and "The Empire Strikes Back" sold at auction earlier in the year for $390,000 (about £295,000, AU$508,000). 

Star Wars aficionados know Skywalker sported a couple different colors of lightsaber blades. The one going up for auction was shown on screen with a green blade and has a different style of handle from the previous blue-bladed lightsaber, which had originally belonged to Luke's father. 

The lightsaber's future owner won't be able to activate the green blade, but at least that person can revel in the knowledge the prop spent some quality time inside the robo-bowels of R2-D2.