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Stunning Star Wars Lego Y-Wing set would impress Gold Leader

All hail Gold Leader and the workhorse ship of the rebel fleet, which returns for Star Wars Day in an impressive edition.

X-Wings have long marked the spot, but some Star Wars fans appreciate the beauty and power of the larger Y-Wing rebel ship.

On May 4, Star Wars Day, Lego will release the Star Wars Ultimate Collector Series Y-Wing Starfighter set, reports

There are smaller versions of the Y-Wing already flying, but this set looks impressive. It will sell for $199 (£141, AU$258) and measures over 2 inches (5 centimeters) high, 24 inches (60 centimeters) long and 11 inches (27 centimeters) wide. It stands over 9 inches (22 centimeters) high mounted on the included stand.

The set includes minifigs of Gold Leader and R2-BHD, plus a cockpit that opens, wheel-activated rotating ion cannons on top, retractable landing skids and space for an astromech droid. 

"Not bad for the ol' workhorse of the rebel fleet," cracks.

The set will be available beginning May 4, Star Wars Day, at and Lego stores.