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Animatronic Yoda toys brawl in not-so-epic lightsaber battle

A trio of animatronic, voice-activated Legendary Yoda toys fight it out with glowing lightsabers ... and it's a little disappointing.

Yoda is a badass. The little green Star Wars alien can rock a lightsaber with the best of them.

YouTube user DIY Prophacks stumbled across a bevy of Legendary Yoda voice-activated animatronic toys on deep discount at a bookstore. Naturally, he bought them all, took them home and pitted them against each other in what should have been a battle for the ages.

What do you call a group of Yodas? Let's go with "Yodi." The three motorized Yodi stand facing each other on the battlefield of DIY Prophack's floor. He activates them with the command, "Yoda, I am ready to begin training." The Yodi respond and break into a flailing lightsaber fight while a fluffy cat watches the action.

The video, posted on Friday, rocketed to over 1.2 million views thanks to an assist from social news and discussion site Reddit. Reddit users dropped a bevy of Star Wars jokes about the video, including "Needs more Jar Jar" and "This is still better than the prequels tho."

The Legendary Yoda toys came out in 2015 and were fancy and expensive toys for their time, so it's especially amusing to see them in a group lightsaber smackdown.

The DIY Prophacks video is a far cry from the pulse-pounding action of Yoda's battle with Darth Sidious in the Star Wars prequel film "Revenge of the Sith," but we'll take what we can get.