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Star Wars characters, Groot encourage kids to exercise

Jedi and "Guardians of the Galaxy" characters are among those spotlighting the "Improve Your Selfie" health campaign launched by Disney.

If anyone can convince kids to exercise more and eat their vegetables, it would be Jedi and Groot.

This week, Disney Channel launches a health and fitness video campaign for kids called "Improve Your Selfie" featuring cartoon characters from animated shows as "Star Wars Rebels," "Guardians of the Galaxy," "The Lion Guard," "Miles from Tomorrowland," "Star Vs. The Forces of Evil," "Future-Worm" and "Gravity Falls."

The short videos -- airing in rotation in the US on Disney Channel, Disney XD and Disney Junior -- try to educate and motivate kids to choose nutritious foods and engage more in physical activities.

"Teke Ruka Teleza (Kick, Jump, Slide)" is a workout video for toddlers. "Be Your Best with Miles" features "Miles from Tomorrowland" characters who encourage making smarter food choices. "Training with the Guard" shows off yoga-style poses using "The Lion Guard" characters.

Other videos include a "Star Wars Rebels" Jedi making a fruit salad with his lightsaber; "Guardians of the Galaxy" characters Rocket and Groot exercising; "Gravity Falls" characters eating broccoli as well as lifting weights; "Future Worm" characters playing catch among other shorts.