'Star Wars' glasses: Use the four eyes, Luke!

Official "Star Wars" eyeglasses offer a sneaky way to display your fandom at even the most formal of occasions.

Boba Fett eyeglasses
Yes, you can get your eyeglasses with tinted lenses. Aigan

There are some places where it's not appropriate to wear a Wampa skin "Star Wars" dress covered in fake blood, but you still want to express your fandom through fashion. That's when you whip out your surprisingly subtle Darth Vader glasses.

Japanese company Aigan has introduced a collection of officially licensed "Star Wars" eyeglasses. Choose the Force with Luke Skywalker or R2-D2 styles. Go for the Dark Side with Darth Vader or Stormtrooper models. Can't decide which side you're on? No problem. There's a Boba Fett pair, too.

The glasses are considerately designed without going overboard with glued-on Chewbacca hair or massive lightsabers where the earpieces should be. Luke's glasses, for example, take their design cues from his X-Wing Fighter with bare metal, white, and orange accents. An artfully placed row of blue rectangles along the side whispers "droid style" on the R2-D2 glasses.

The subtlety of the designs means you'll feel like you're a member of a super hip secret club whenever someone actually notices you're wearing "Star Wars" glasses.

Personally, I wouldn't really mind at least one over-the-top design. Perhaps they could come out with some Princess Leia glasses with little buns on the side.

It seems like 2012 has been host to a grand explosion of "Star Wars" fashion. Think of these eyeglasses as the cake toppers on your Princess Leia hoodie or the perfect accessory to go with your Han Solo and Leia wedding rings.

Darth Vader glasses
Darth Vader may well be wearing these under his mask. Aigan

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