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'Star Wars' gear for furry Jedis unleashed at Petco

Petco and Lucasfilm get together to outfit fans' pets with "Star Wars" hoodies, headgear, cat toys, and squeaky dog chews.

Yoda dog
A Jedi's strength flows from the fur. Petco

The battle for the soul of the galaxy has gone to the dogs (and cats). Petco and Lucasfilm teamed up to create an entire collection of "Star Wars" merchandise for pets. Pets won't actually care if they're wearing a Boba Fett hoodie, but their "Star Wars"-fan owners will.

The options range from the subtle (dog collars in earth-tone colors) to the not-so-subtle (doggie Yoda ears). Perhaps you could arrange your very own four-legged Star Wars Celebration at the local dog park.

Both dogs and cats are covered. There are small Princess Leia and Yoda headpieces fitted for the feline crowd, along with a plentiful selection of "Star Wars" mice. The Chewbacca mouse is probably the best design of the bunch. It comes as a $4.99 set with a little Yoda for your kitty to savage.

The award for most absurd product probably should go to the Rebel Alliance and Galactic Empire-logo cat bow tie. Or perhaps the $19.99 Chewbacca dog hoodie that adds an extra layer of fur to your fur-buddy. Or maybe even the $49.99 Darth Vader plush pet bed. Pretty much the whole collection is totally absurd. Therein lies the charm.

The "Star Wars" line of pet gear was unveiled during Comic-Con, but just got its official launch in stores and online on September 1. Only one pressing question really comes to mind. Is your cat patient enough to wear Princess Leia head-buns?

Darth Vader pet bed
This Darth Vader pet bed may try to convince your dog to join the Dark Side. Petco