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Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge recon at Disneyland, plus Deadpool 3 news (Stream Economy, Ep. 2)

Ashley sneaks around Disneyland for more Galaxy's Edge info, we break down some good and bad Deadpool 3 news, Fortnite 4.0 and Arrested Development's remixed fourth season.

Disney Enterprises, Inc./Lucasfilm Ltd.

Hello, friends! It's time for the second episode of Stream Economy, the games/movies/TV show you've all been waiting for. We're so happy to see you, and we hope you had a fabulous Star Wars Day

Did you hear Ryan Reynolds say there probably wouldn't be a Deadpool 3? Have you checked out Arrested Development's remixed fourth season? Are you as bad at Fortnite as I am? I've got more details on all three of those things, plus I went to Disneyland to try to see how its Star Wars expansion (Galaxy's Edge) was coming along... Enjoy!

You can find me over on Twitter to discuss these very important pop culture stories after watching. We're headed behind the scenes at BattleBots next week, so see you next Friday!

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