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Star Wars: Galactic Defense coming soon to Android, iOS

The tower-defense genre gets a taste of the Force in this upcoming game.

DeNA Corp.

If you were concerned that the "Star Wars" franchise might leave any game genre unturned, rest easy. Star Wars: Galactic Defense is coming soon for Android and iOS, marking the first time the Rebel Alliance and Galactic Empire will duke it out in a tower-defense setting.

Hot on the heels of Star Wars Commander, the Clash of Clans-style game that debuted last month to widespread acclaim, Galactic Defense will give players the chance to join the Light Side or Dark Side, then try to repel the opposing force's attacks for as long as possible.

(If you're not familiar with the tower-defense concept, it's reminiscent of real-time strategy. See Wikipedia's explanation to learn more.)

The game appears to hew fairly closely to traditional tower-defense mechanics, allowing you to upgrade your defenses and reach higher levels as you progress. It'll include both single- and multiplayer options, with gameplay spanning "iconic" locations such as Endor, Hoth and Tatooine.

What's more, Galactic Defense will feature characters from all six "Star Wars" films -- the originals and prequels alike. (Whether or not that strikes you as a good thing probably depends on your age.)

Although a release date has yet to be announced, the game is due "later this year." You can get notified by preregistering on the Galactic Defense Web site, a move that will also "unlock exclusive content during launch week."

What do you think? Exciting? And what's next for the franchise: Wookiee Crush Saga? Endor's Game? (Come on, sci-fi nerds, that's a good one.)