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'Star Wars' gag brings mind control to elevator

Watch as two prank masters creatively fool people into thinking a real-life "Star Wars" Force user is mentally controlling elevator doors.

A trick sure to inspire copycats around the world. Screenshot by Christopher MacManus/CNET

After saving (or destroying) the galaxy, what's a Jedi or Sith supposed to do in their off time? A comedic group called JesterLads came up with a hilarious trick that made many people think a mysterious hooded figure was opening elevator doors with the power of the Force seen in "Star Wars."

With a hidden camera rolling, unsuspecting people in the elevator think it's just another normal day, but suddenly change tune as a nearby man wearing a gray hoodie waves his hand to reopen the elevator door that's about to close.

The reactions from other elevator occupants, which make the video totally worth watching, range from pure awe ("Are you Neo or something?") to anger ("Stop doing that"). Some people just stare at the hooded man and smile, perhaps wondering if they've happened to come across a real-life Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Sadly, this isn't a real Jedi trick, as the hooded figure happens to wave his hand in synchronization with his accomplice hitting the elevator button. Regardless, I'm sure many of you found humor in this piece by JesterLads comedians George and Austin, who set up the "Star Wars" elevator prank at King's College London.