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Star Wars furniture lets your tyke sleep like a Jedi

Tuck your little one into the Millennium Falcon, an X-wing fighter or a landspeeder from Rooms To Go's line of furniture for kids.

Tuck yourself into Tatooine transportation.

Rooms To Go

I know what you're doing right now. You're looking at the measurements for the Rooms To Go Star Wars landspeeder bed with left and right engine storage night tables and figuring out if you can use it for your regular bed. If you can sleep in a twin-size bed, you're in luck.

Sure, it was designed for kids, but we won't judge you.

In a world full of small Stars Wars merch like action figures, R2-D2 lawn ornaments and Monopoly games, it's nice to go big sometimes. Rooms To Go's collection, spotted on Nerd Approved, offers Star Wars style on a large scale. The series includes X-wing fighter and Millennium Falcon bookcase beds, a Landspeeder panel bed and a TIE fighter desk.

The desk costs $399.99, while the beds range from $599.99 (for half an X-wing) to $899.99 for the Landspeeder. The X-wing beds can be purchased as a pair and placed together to form the whole fighter. If Luke and Leia hadn't been separated at birth, this would have been a perfect arrangement when they were little.

The Landspeeder bed with its matching nightstands may be the most visually impressive entry, but the Millennium Falcon bed comes with some tech upgrades, including built-in Bluetooth speakers, touch lighting and a charging station. It's also available in a full size in case you need some extra room to stretch out. You will need to provide your own Chewbacca-skin rug.

Rooms To Go already has competition in the realm of officially licensed Star Wars furniture. Last year, Pottery Barn unveiled a very detailed and expensive bed shaped like the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon.

There's plenty of precedent for homemade Star Wars furniture too. Check out this hulking AT-AT bed and this X-wing fighter bunk. If that's too much to handle, perhaps you can aim for a Landspeeder cat bed for your little four-legged Ewok.

Fly the galaxy in your dreams.

Rooms To Go