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'Star Wars' Force Glove lets you move objects without touching

Tap into the Force (of magnets) with a Jedi glove that lets you move objects using the power of science.

Star Wars Science Force Glove
Focus, young Jedi, and move the little magnetic targets. Uncle Milton

I'm sure I wasn't the only kid who watched "Star Wars" and then tried to move objects with the sheer strength and determination of my young Jedi mind. What I was missing was a Force Glove.

The Force Glove is part of Uncle Milton's line of Star Wars Science products designed to teach kids about science through "Star Wars." It grants the wearer the ability to move objects without touching them.

It sounds magically Jedi, but the secret is a magnet attached to the palm of the glove. One side of the magnet is embossed with the Imperial crest and the other with the Rebel Alliance logo. It comes with a magnetic base and two targets, one with droids and one with a lightsaber.

Depending on which way you have the magnet set, the glove will either push or pull the target. I'm thinking Luke Skywalker probably would have kept his hand if he had been wearing this glove in his battle with dad.

Much like Michael Jackson's famous glove, the Force Glove come as a single. It's available from NeatoShop for $19.95.

Force Glove
It's stylish, too. Uncle Milton

(Via Fashionably Geek)