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Millennium Falcon is hiding in plain sight on Google Earth

It's going to take more than shipping containers to conceal the fastest hunk of junk in the Star Wars galaxy.

Maybe Chewbacca stopped by for a round of golf.

Sharp-eyed Star Wars fans using Google Earth have spotted the legendary Millennium Falcon from the movie saga parked near Barrow Hills Golf Club in Surrey, England.

Twitter user Andi Durrant helpfully details how you can find it on your own. You'll start by searching for Longcross Studios, the film-production facility where "Last Jedi" is filming. (Of course, as Slashgear points out, you can just go to Google Maps and search for "Millennium Falcon Longcross.")

The Falcon is hidden from ground-level spies by multicolored shipping containers, but its distinctive shape is evident from above.

Fan jokes flew faster than the Falcon could make the Kessel Run.

And if that's not enough Falcon for you today, Stu Whitten, a motion-capture specialist who's worked on such films as "Pacific Rim: Uprising" and "Wonder Woman," pointed out that an image of the Falcon before it was completed can be seen in a Google Earth image taken at Pinewood Studios.

"The Last Jedi" opens Dec. 15.

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